College of Education and Health Professions

Advisor Information By Major


  • Log into Blackboard Learn and enter the UASuccess portal located near the top right corner. This action will open an individualized Home dashboard which contains information/services to assist our students in the pursuit of their higher education degree. UASuccess allows students to schedule, review or cancel appointments as needed. UASuccess.pdf
  • If a program advisor has been assigned, their name will be listed under My Success Network along with a hyperlink to their online appointment schedule. Students are given the flexibility to choose the day/time that best fits their schedule. Once their selection is made, completing a short form is required to give the advisor information on the nature of the appointment. Click SAVE and an email confirmation will be sent to the student's uark email address.
  • If a program advisor has not been assigned or the student wishes to change their college/major, within the Success Network tab a search can be completed for anyone across the UA campus who has published online appointment scheduling available. Once the service or member (individual) is located, scheduling an appointment is the same process as above.

Questions about UASuccess should be directed to


To better connect students with faculty and to help them feel more a part of their academic disciplines, advising has been moved from the Boyer Center to the academic departments. The contact information for advisors is:

Childhood Education/Career and Technical Education

Lindsey Swagerty: 479-575-7052 or
Rachel Hancock: 479-575-6860 or

Elementary Education

Lindsey Swagerty: 479-575-7052 or
Rachel Hancock: 479-575-6860 or

Health, Human Performance and Recreation

Susan Mayes: 479-575-2858 or
Meghan Miller: 479-575-3094 or
Mary Ann Stewart: 479-575-6594 or

Human Resource and Workforce Development

Phil Gerke: 479-575-4690 or


Deb Henderson: 479-575-5122 or
Brooke Huizenga: 479-575-4914 or
Lee Ann Looney: 479-575-6243 or

Communication Disorders

Larry Aslin: 479-575-4918 or

Non-declared Education Majors

Doug Talbott: 479-575-7487 or